The purpose of the Manual of Style is to provide a series of guidelines for users when creating articles for the A&A Wiki. These elements should be followed accordingly and with each article created. Doing so reduces any potential workload on other users. Any questions regarding this manual may be directed at the community moderators [WARNING: Contact list is locked to members]

Tips on WritingEdit

If you are unfamiliar with Wiki-style editing, please review the Wikia Help page. If you are inexperienced with Wiki code, please play around with the Sandbox. If you're familiar with the code used on Wikia, but would like advice on how to actually write a better article, please review the following essay, located on Wikipedia.

General Style of an ArticleEdit

The articles must be written in the third-person format, in past tense or present if need be. Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Refrain from Copy-Pasting Applications to this Verse or past games. Please summarize your character history properly.
  • Use a standard prose format.
  • If there is an outside article about your character in another wiki, we encourage the link-back, especially in the Prior Life/History Section. Please note source.
  • Include a Player Contact Section at the end of the Article: Name/AIM [contact]/Character Journal

These ensure a lesser work load for the authors and a better understanding by the readers.


If the character has not been active [those in hiatus are excluded] in 3 weeks, there is a one-week Article Probation period of one week for the player to update the article. If the article isn't updated without a proper reason, it will be deleted.