• Alec1
    DESIGNATION: X5-331845739494
  • NAME: Alec McDowell
  • DATE OF BIRTH: May 3, 1999.
  • LOCATION: He shares a room with Gabriella Gray.
  • OCCUPATION: Other than general annoyance. Alec is unemployed as of right now.
  • SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Alec has shown interest in "sister"/friend, Max Guevara.
  • ABILITIES: Each X5 soldier has to literally be "built" piece-by-piece in the lab, their DNA the custom blend of numerous superb human specimens plus the feline component (black leopard). Physical appearance, intelligence, emotional make-up, musical and artistic talent, are all deliberately encoded in the the embryos producing soldiers with diverse physical attributes, skills, appearances, and abilities. The feline DNA gives the X5s superior speed, strength, stamina, and reflexes, as well as night vision. Telescopic vision is achieved through alteration of the DNA in the focusing mechanism of the eye. All of the transgenics are type O-negative blood making them universal donors to one another (in case of the need for battlefield transfusion due to injury or organ transplants). Their blood is also exceedingly rich in pleuropotents for increased healing ability, and they are created genetically immune to standard bio-warfare agents and most human diseases.

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