The Red Smiley Face

The Prelude: Patricia's ArrivalEdit

The Mystery of Baby Girl JaneEdit

Like her mother, Patricia Jane had been murdered by Red John years prior to her father's inclusion into the CBI in an act of revenge for publicly humiliating him. As part of the intensive psychological therapy in Silent Hill, House exposed Patrick to a monstrous distortion of his daughter's memory devouring her murderer, showing how life-consuming his obsession had become. The next time Baby Girl made an appearance in this form was during a shootout in which Jane was supposed to be gunned down. By sacrificing 35% of his liver to Valtiel, the ghost girl was allowed to spend 24 hours in the living with her father. Jane was distraught with losing his beloved daughter once more.

A while later, Patricia appeared around the city, particularly in House's home while he and Jimmy watched TV. By her account, Trish had lived with a man she called Uncle John all this time but remembers nothing of the murders themselves.

Father and DaughterEdit

Patrick was able to reconnect with his daughter, but there was

'Uncle' JohnEdit

The MurderEdit

"He was distracting you from our family."- Message left by Red John.

Police reports read House had been called from his home on May 12, 2010 at roughly 9:12 am when he was attacked and murdered by a then-unknown assailant. The preliminary search revealed a Red Smiley and a simplified version of the Halo both drawn in his blood. Patrick examined the scene and spotted a message meant just for him, identifying the killer as Red John. The body later disappeared under strange circumstances from the Princeton Forensic Lab.

Aftermath and Vengeful WishesEdit


Jane immediately blamed himself for House's death and sought out to comfort those left behind, and more urgent, get his daughter back to California and away from Red John. Unable to cope with the loss, Jimmy had a mental breakdown and began to drink excessively to numb out the pain and grief, lashing out at nearly everyone. Meanwhile, due to his connection to Xuchilbara, House was able to haunt the hospital while Valtiel reconstructed his body, leaving behind clues for Cuddy and anyone he came in contact to aid the investigation.

House's RevivalEdit

After three days of intense suffering, House was found by Boy Blue in the maple tree at the center of PPTH.

Jane's RevengeEdit