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Declan McVay
Born to Hector and Louisa Allens in New Orleans in 1964, during a hurricane where they'd decided to hide out at their home rather than going to one of the numerous school gyms during that time. Declan, luckily, had survived his father was none too lucky as him sometime later when the power went out and he had to go try to find help for his wife and newborn son. It came up with nothing but heartache for Louisa because Hector never returned to the both of them and Declan was going to be forced to live a fatherless life.

At fourteen, he was sent to live with Hector's parents in Scotland after he started acting out more often than not. The lack of sleep was also a factor in all of this but he didn't try to announce that fact. Around this time he began to take notice that he could see perfectly in the dark.

At eighteen, his life seemed to extend leaps and bounds from some gangly kid that had gotten there. He was a "working man" who had plans to be enlisted in the army. But more than that he was working to insure that people were going to be fine for the most ( i.e. he wanted to protect other people ). His protecting nature came from the ability he'd discovered at some point in his life of a psonic shielding that he could create around three feet around him. He enlisted to the United States military upon arrival back home but didn't quite make it there. Something about getting caught by the Company. Or enlisted into them, partnered with David Mitchell -- a 'normal' who seemed to have a devote hatred to everyone fucked in the brain like him.

He somehow left and disappeared into the world but hadn't left communication with Noah and eventually discovered his troubles with his adopted daughter Claire and volunteered himself to assist.

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Security Guard at PPTH


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

A psonic shield that he can create around three feet around himself. He also has perfect night vision.