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The CharacterEdit

Name: Natalie Ann Bruenner

Alias(es): TBD

Portrayed By: Angie Harmon

Fandom: Highlander (Original Character)

Character LJ: jurisimmortalis

Birthplace: near Plainsview, TX

Current Occupation: FBI Agent

Preferred Weapons: sword, handguns

The StoryEdit

FBI Special Agent Natalie Bruenner was supposed to be investigating a terrorist cell in New Jersey. However, when she got there, something had changed. True, the state was the butt of many a New Yorker's joke, but this went far beyond "you know you're from New Jersey when..." Now, she's determined to find out what's "wrong" and how to fix it. If she can. If she can keep her head.

The LogsEdit

Note: For the sake of my sanity, these threads will be arranged in the order in which they were supposed to have happened and not by the actual posting date.

Natalie @ SWS: Okay, this is not New Jersey.

Natalie @ A&A: A New Arrival

Natalie @ SWS: [just sitting alone in a diner]

Gibbs @ SWS: Anyone interested in working in security?

McCoy @ SWS: Where in the hell am I?

Gibbs @ A&A This'll do. What do yah think?

Natalie w/Cho @ A&A [She's on an early-morning run through one of Princeton's many parks. Join her? Interrupt her? Chase her?]

Gibbs @ A&A [Points Suit up. You're with me.]

Natalie @ A&A Just Another Manic Monday

Natalie w/Xander & Nick @ A&A: The Gentlemen Are Coming

Natalie w/Gibbs @ A&A Network: We need to talk. ASAP

Natalie et al @ A&A Network: [Broadcast Text] :: Anyone else have any law enforcement experience?

The ScribeEdit

Name: Liz (or Dreamz)

Livejournal: celticdreamz

AIM: celticdreamz77

Email: celticdreamz77 (at) gmail (dot) com

Age: 33

Timezone: EST (UTC-5) / EDT (UTC-4)