USER LJ: [1]myredsmile

ALIAS: Shelley

AIM/IM: Cleanpaintbrush

OTHER CHARACTERS: Thomas Hanson, Doctor Robert Chase, and Azazel


SERIES/FANDOM: The Mentalist

'A'GE: 8 years old

FROM WHEN: She was killed pre Canon.

PROFESSION: School Child


ITEM(S): A teddy Bear, wearing a little T-shirt with a smiley face on. A silver bracelet engraved with her name. Telekinesis to a small degree (See History)

ABILITIES/POWERS: She would claim the same abilities as her father. But she's a little girl. So VERY limited Mentalist abilities

PERSONALITY: 1) Intelligence: She's a smart girl. Although perhaps not as smart as she sometimes believes. After all she doesn't know everything like she can sometimes claim.
2) Quirky. She's not a typical little girl. She enjoys horror movies, as much as Disney cartoons. (She doesn't find Horror movies scary as it's all make believe). She is interested in how everything works, she tends to want to know everything about everything.
3) Daddy's little girl, believes that her Dad is a superhero. Or as good as. She knows what he does/did for a living and she thinks he's amazing. She loves him with all she is. If he asks her to do something. She will do it. Unless she has good reason not too. She also doesn't lie to him. She will tell him she's been naughty if he asks. He is her world.
4) Loyal. She's loyal, if your friend, she will stick with you through thick and thin. Until given good reason not too. She doesn't tend to let childhood squabbles be more than they are. Passing storms.
5) Ambitious, she's got big ideas about her future. Aside from ruling the world, she knows she wants to help people like her Dad does.
6) Independant, she knows she's a little girl so she had obvious limitations but at the same time she knows what she is capable of and she will do it herself. You won't have her asking for help tying her shoe laces.
7) Cuddly. She still loves to be picked up. So if she thinks theres a chance she can be held she'll take it. So characters might find themselves with a little girl on their lap.
8) Adorable. She knows, and pretty quickly you'll know it. She has her Daddy's charming smile and way of making you just melt, when she wants too. She also has the "Little girl" card to play.
9) Creepy little girl. Thanks to her love of horror movies (Something I'm sure her parents wouldn't actually approve of) she understands the power of creepy little girls on adults. She will use this if it means getting things her own way or winning an arguement. Or even making someone cry.
10) Her way, or the high way. She likes to be right. She likes things done her way and she will try to bend you to her will. From having Fairy bread for breakfast, to not brushing her teeth before bed.

BURDENS SINS & BAGGAGE: She died. Whether or not she knows of her Murder she'd not yet saying. But it will be something that may come up. Along with how she came to be back living with "Uncle John". Also as she's unafraid of horror movies, or at least believes herself to be that might come back to haunt her.

HISTORY: The only daughter of Patrick Jane she hadn't yet been named (So I gave her one). She was killed pre-canon when her father mocked a serial killer on national television. He returned to find his wife, and little girl murdered. Before her death she was a Happy little girl with attentive parents. She always felt loved, and they always had time for her. Death and Back When she was killed she didn't see Red John's face, or heard his name. HOw much of her death she remembered she doesn't say. But she was brought back from Death by a man. He said he knew her father, that they were friends. That he was her Uncle John. Uncle John took her home, and has been looking after her since, whether he is the actual Red John, she doesn't know, so really theres no point asking her. She'll not hear bad about her friend. He's been looking after her since her rebirth, slowly tainting her thoughts about her father. Preparing her to be a weapon against him if need be.

VOICE TEST: Dear Diary,
I saw Daddy today, he wasn't very happy. He tells me that Uncle John is a bad man, he asked if hes touched me, like the bad way, but he's been so nice to me. He did me a favour, and he's taught me so many interesting things, and he lets me watch horror movies.
I remember I owe him but the details are foggy, like when trying to remember a bad dream. I know that he was how I got to come home to Daddy, that I remember. Not that I rememember where I was away too. It's all very confusing. I feel a little like one of theose counters in Snakes and ladders, that some how I had landed on a snake but he made it a ladder. Which would make Mummy pleased, in the sense that I used a sim-a-lee, or, it was a word like that. Maybe this is all a dream? That I'll wake up and Uncle John and Daddy will be friends. That everything will be ok and happy. I would like that.
I don't like it when the Grown ups fight.
Oh Diary. I hope it all works out alright.

RP SAMPLE: Patricia scowled at the bedroom wall, focusing on it she tried to remember what it was that had been there. She couldn't seem to bring it to mind. But there had been something there. She scowled a little as she moved to another room looking for the piano which was also missing. She went room to room seeing that each room as empty as the last. She didn't like it, she couldn't understand why her Daddy wasn't there. She looked at her Uncle John, her lip wibbled a little. "Did Daddy really leave me?" she asked softly as she moved over taking his hand. "I, I want my Daddy"
She didn't speak as she was lifted into his arms and he hugged her whispering in her ear that it was ok. Everything was fine. That he was just busy with Mummy. She nodded sniffing back her tears "Alright" she said softly. "I'll just write Daddy another letter then" she said quietly. Sniffing against his shoulder as he took her home. "Will you tell me the story again?" she asked "About the little girl who died, but loved her Daddy so much she came back to life to see him again?"
She grinned warmly as he agreed, telling her the story again. It was one of her favourites. Along with the story of the Man who sought revenge, that story worried her. The man was angry because his wife had left him, so he became a police man, he let people around him die as he sought out revenge against the man who he saw as responsible. He played tricks and hid behind an angelic face. It was like a horror movie, impossible to tell who was good and who was bad. The Hero who turned out to be a villan, the villan that turned out to be a hero. She didn't understand why Uncle John seemed so fond of the story. She'd already decided that clearly he wasn't the police man. Maybe he was the victim. The one being hunted by the single minded policeman, hunted because he loved. She shivered against his shoulder even as her eyes drooped. She yawned feeling so tired. "can I get some sleep?" she asked softly.
He assured her she'd wake up safely in her bed, so she let her eyes close. Falling into a confusing dream. She dreamt about her Mother, standing in front of her as a man pulled at her arm trying to pull her away from her mother. She whimpered stirring a little her arm feeling so much like it was burning. She felt another jolt, and cried "MUMMY PLEASE!" she whimped as she looked at the man pulling her arm, his curls falling around his face "Daddy?" she whispered as she was tugged again "No no......Daddy please" she sobbed jolting awake before feeling Uncle John hugging her tightly "I had a bad dream" she whispered "daddy..... Daddy was a bad man and and" she sobbed against his shoulder.

SPECIAL NOTES: Being that she was killed before the show, featured only in flash back not alot is known about the character.