USER LJ: [1]last_zion

ALIAS: Shelley

AIM/IM: cleanpaintbrush

CHARACTER NAME: Shannan Sloane "Z"


AGE: 19

FROM WHEN: Post Canon, she lives in New Jersey

PROFESSION: College student / part time cafeteria worker

ITEM(S): Silver Cross on a chain, Cellphone, MP3 Player, Wallet

ABILITIES/POWERS: Blessing: Her mother blessed a sink of water making it holy water.
Exorcism: She can Exorcism demons, and Angel's from their Vessels with a touch.
Healing: She can heal wounds from power minor wounds to more serious, She Can not Heal death.
Jesus: It is possible that some of the abilities Jesus showed, from parting the sea and turning water to wine but only under extreme circumstances and it takes a lot out of her. Leaving her exhausted.

PERSONALITY: 1) Perky: She's a very perky happy girl. Definately glass half full, rather than half empty. She likes to be a kid, playing silly games, rolling in the grass, doing handstands. Her mother puts that down in part to her odd conception.
2) Depressive: Despite her Perky attitude, she tends to get depressed easily. Although thankful not overly so. When she's depressed it tends to be in a doomy gloomy, "Why does it always rain on me way". Although she is capable of serious depression thanks to her lineage she fears for what the future will bring. After all theres some big shoes to fill.
3) Friendly: Unless you do something against her, she'll consider you a friend. But for reasons she believes are obvious, she will not be a fan of Angels, Demons, and other supernatural oddities. You need help. She'll try to give it to you.
4) Brave: She may not seem the brave type. But the going gets Rough. She gets Tougher and rougher. She'll take on any challenge, full on. Her mother saved existance. She guesses she might have something similar on her cards.
5) Secretive: Wanna know about her mother? She'll tell you, but she'll avoid family questions. If she's really pushed she might talk about Uncle Bob, and Jay. She'll not let any one know about her powers unless she has too. She'll not let people know she is the Last Zion, but she might talk about the events of Dogma. If pushed.
6) Insighful: She can be quiet insightful, when she puts her mind to it. Seeing past what people are telling her to the heart of things. Although for the most part she's smart enough to keep it to herself. She's aware that if some one's lying. They've reason to be.
7) Smart: She's smart, not a Genius. She's of a slightly above average intelligence, but nothing special. She'll catch on to things fast enough but not to a special amount. She's smart enough that when she chooses to, life can go by quiet easily.
8) Argumentative: She can be contrary, just for the sake of it. Her mother would go to Church in her lunch break from working in a Abortion clinic. She's the same sort of girl. She does what she thinks is right, and she'll argue her point with you.
9) Graceful: She can't really help it. She moves with an elegant grace to her, she's a natural dancer and it shows in the way she moves, and how she acts. She's polite, and has relatively good manners. And the grace to treat people with the respect they deserve
10) Average: She tries to make a point not to be special, to be unknown. Even when she could actually excel at something. After all, there were a pair of Angels that nearly killed her mother........

SPECIAL NOTES: Even Angels don't know who she is from sight alone. Like her Mother she can sit have a chat with an Angel, and they won't know who she is. She's just another girl.