The decayed PPTH break rooms

The first documented shift into Silent Jersey in Angels & Asses, it set the stage for what was to be expected whenever the mysterious air raid siren wails alive. Its lasting impression is that of fear and regret, in which unspeakable tragedies unfold.

Premature EveningEdit

Gabriel, as well as Castiel, had been the first to sense that something was terribly wrong with the city and that this fog was more than it seemed. After hijacking a car (and Cas learning how to drive it), they were able to find a wandering Patrick Jane and head to the hospital. Other souls were also begining to pick on the strange phenomenon, as Claire and Declan had to crash-land their plane due to a giant moth attacking and killing at the airport. At Princeton-Plainsboro, House was trapped along with Dean and Chase in a room, with a yet-unseen Cuddy, trying to figure what had happened.

A despicable murderEdit

Alastair's Work of ArtEdit

Silent Jersey claimed its first victim with a bang as Alastair rose from the dead and reaped his special type of fun in the world. The archdemon managed to overpower Gabriel and enclose him in a circle of holy fire in the shape of the Seal of Metatron and toss Jane aside like a ragdoll; all to capture and torture his main target: Castiel. The master torture televised the horrible sequence through every screen in radius, alerting Dean and his fellow travel-mates of the impending death. They could only watch in horror as the angel of Thursday was flayed alive. In his shock, House tried to keep Jimmy's organs from spilling out of his body while Dean confronted his former master in Hell. After Val took the body, House then handed Cas's stained trench coat to the older Winchester and kept Jimmy's bloody ring in his mourning.

The AftemathEdit

Gabriel's Mourning PeriodEdit

Gabriel mourned his baby brother the only way he knew how and isolated himself from the rest of the people involved. House confronted him in his cowardice during his overdose, subsciousy lashing out at the fact that the archangel was not able to save his betrothed and his host. Jane, on the other hand, began to reexamine some parts of his revenge on Red John and his own influence in the Otherworld.

Jane's Father Issues and Cuddy's FearsEdit

While House recovered from his overdose, he was accompanied by the mentalist when they are cornered by a pack of Double-Heads. Jane temporarily overcomes his distaste for guns and aids House in standing their ground. Immediately after shooting down the monstrous dogs, they hear Cuddy's screams and make their way over to her position and managed to . Clearly distraught but still capable, Lisa was able to lead House and Jane deeper into the Alternate Hospital, up to the floor prior to the Maternity Ward, a safe haven spared from the Otherworld. It is there that Jane encounters a secret room behind a soda machine where a replica of his wife's murder and a final confrontation with his father. Once he's exacted his resentment on the monster memories, both men aid Cuddy break out and ride out the hellish dimension.